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About Us

Pluton Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.  is the one of the reputed and tier 1 IT company in India.    It is the regional branch of Pluton Technologies Global Pvt. Ltd.  It has branches in world wide.

 Pluton Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. is strongly committed to delivering their excellence services to clients through its IT , ITES , WEB & BPO  businesses.

  Established as  Seescom Technologies in 2005, the company originally provided IT services  within the pan Indian region .  Later changed  to  Pluton Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.

   There then followed a period of rapid growth and in the early 2010s Pluton Technologies ’s position as a respected, top-tier IT , ITES , WEB & BPO service provider was confirmed when the company beat fierce competition to arrived the current level.  Now it’s operational area’s  covered Middle East and GCC too..

         In India Pluton Technologies are tied up with more other firms to provide better service to their clients.   And we providing various level and types of IT,WEB  services nowadays.